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The hotel industry is one of constant change. New hotels are opening on a regular basis. Older ones are frequently renovating or going through management changes. That’s why Conference Hotels Unlimited is continually reevaluating the hotels we do business with, as well as building relationships with new establishments throughout North America and beyond. We know the facilities and their staff, as well as their ability to live up to their website or brochure promises. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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Which best suits your meeting: a cozy Cape Cod inn? A sprawling conference center in the Rockies? An island retreat in the Caribbean? An urban convention center? A nearby resort or hotel? Conference Hotels Unlimited can help you find the site that best satisfies your meeting objectives based on:

Because of the volume of activity that Conference Hotels Unlimited generates on an annual basis, we can usually deliver choice dates at top properties, as well as attractive rates that you might not be able to obtain on your own.
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Market Director of Sales, MARRIOTT CORPORATION

Janice Neavitt

“With their extensive hotel backgrounds, the staff at Conference Hotels Unlimited understands the hotel side of the business as well as the client side. Using their vast knowledge and personalized approach, they simplify the sourcing and contract negotiation process for both the client and the hotel. They are professional, knowledgeable, and ethical in their business approach and it is a pleasure to partner with them.”

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