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Event Site Sourcing

The event site—the geographic destination and the amenities offered—sets the tone for your meeting from the moment you announce it. Likewise, the nature of your event determines which facilities are right for you—whether it’s a cozy Cape Cod inn, a sprawling conference center in the Rockies, an island retreat in the Caribbean, an urban convention center, or a nearby resort or hotel. When it comes to event site sourcing, Conference Hotels Unlimited takes the time to understand your event, to ensure the best possible outcome. With our event venue site sourcing tools, we help you find the location that best satisfies your meeting objectives based on:

  • Preferred dates
  • Desired recreational amenities
  • Projected attendance
  • Geographical preference
  • Meeting and function room requirements
  • Budget

To aid your selection process with hotel conference booking, we provide a detailed Site Summary Report for all suggested properties. We can also arrange site visits to help you make your decision.

We take care to consider all variables in hotel site sourcing, from both sides of the equation. Expect to get a venue that’s well-suited for your needs and a contract that’s fair for both you and the venue.

We Advocate For You

As third-party planners for event site sourcing and hotel conference booking, we work for you—even though our services are paid for by the hotel that receives your booking. Although we do business with hotels, inns, resorts and conference centers—from international chains to independents—we’re not on retainer with anyone. This means we’re able to negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible property, at the best possible price—whether you’re a small- to mid-size business, a professional association, a Fortune 500 corporation, or a college or university.

Need Event Site Sourcing?

Conference Hotels Unlimited is your partner for hotel site sourcing, able to help you find and coordinate accommodations throughout the country. From small gatherings to international events, we work hard to find you the ideal venue. Contact us today at 781-925-4000 for more information about site sourcing and our capabilities with regard to finding you a venue.


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