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Hotel Meeting Resources

Booking your venue is just one piece of the puzzle for a well-rounded event. Let Conference Hotels Unlimited help you put the pieces together to complete the process, to ensure you have access to full hotel meeting resources. With contacts throughout Hull, Boston, and Hingham, MA, the rest of Massachusetts, North America as a whole, and across many industries, we make figuring out the details simple.

To make your meeting planning easier, we offer guidance and referrals regarding any aspect of your meeting that you desire. Through our professional contacts and industry affiliations, we can introduce you to people whose specialties run the complete gamut of ancillary services, including:

  • Air and ground transportation
  • Program Coordination
  • A/V Production
  • Professional entertainers
  • Guest speakers
  • Menu planning
  • Scheduling of entertainment
  • Group discounts on recreational activities and tickets for theatre and sporting events

Catering to All Events

We understand that different events have different requirements and expectations. Whether you’re hosting a speaking engagement, industry trade show or public forum, we’ll help you track down all the essential conference resources you need to make it successful. And, when it comes to contracts and logistics, we’re by your side to ensure everything comes together as it should, with no surprises that disrupt your event.

Virtual Meeting Assistance

In the age of virtual meetings, we provide a full complement of conference resources to ensure remote guests are accommodated accordingly at your event. We’re certified in Virtual Event & Meeting Management and can help you navigate the challenges of converting an in-person event to a virtual experience, or even a hybrid meeting. We’ll help you cover the gaps in your itinerary and logistics, to ensure everyone is accommodated—no matter the distance.

Bring Your Event Together

Conference Hotels Unlimited provides vital assistance to our clients, to ensure they have all the hotel meeting resources they need for a successful event. Contact us today at 781-925-4000 for more information about our contacts and capabilities with other services like hotel contract negotiations, event site sourcing, and ongoing support to help you book a conference easily and quickly.

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